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Supporting the Local Economy

A strong local economy is key to a healthy environment and a welcoming community

We Are Lancashire

We are proud to support our local community and other local businesses. Lancashire has a strong history which we are building on – and it is a history which we love to share with our guests. By promoting our local area, we can encourage a strong local economy which enables us to look after our unique and wonderful environment from Morecambe Sands to the Forest of Bowland, and everything in between.

Marketing Lancashire has put together a video showing how Lancashire looks today, our strengths and our attraction to visitors to the county.

Sustainability Starts at Home

Sustainability in many ways starts in the local community and the local economy. The stronger the local economy, the less it is reliant on goods and services having to be brought in from outside, meaning fewer miles travelled and less energy used. Holiday parks like Moss Wood are excellent for local communities because they bring in a lot of money – on average over £7,500 is spent in the local economy per year for each owned static caravan according to a study carried out for the BH&HPA. On those figures, Moss Wood would bring in over £1.1m every year to the local economy.

Of course, this study was looking at averages over a wider area. At Moss Wood this is almost certainly much higher as our policy is much more focused on sustainability and therefore the local community. We advertise and encourage our guests to visit more local attractions, we stock almost entirely local produce in our on-site shop, and our B2B policy is to use local companies and contractors wherever possible.

In the mid-nineties botanist David Bellamy gave a talk to members of the BH&HPA challenging caravan parks to become a part of the environmental solution, rather than the problem. In 1996 this resulted in a pilot of the David Bellamy Conservation Awards. These awards were judged by local wildlife experts across the country and rewarded those with exceptional commitment to their local environment. Twenty years later and Moss Wood is still earning the ‘gold’ award.

A key element of the ethos of these awards comes down to what David Bellamy said: “My dream is to upgrade all caravan parks to some sort of conservation status so that they can educate the visiting public and help them respect and care for the countryside”. This message is taken completely to heart by us at Moss Wood. We go out of our way not only to provide an oasis of wildlife for our guests on site, but to inspire them to help create this oasis on site and also take home some of our methods to their own gardens. If you look through our newsletters as an example, you will find that each month we highlight some of our environmental actions on the park – and provide a guide to how to follow these actions themselves. We hold events on site such as our recent Bat Walk which was a resounding success (especially with younger guests).

If you would like a holiday home in a park with our ethos, why not see if we have any static caravans for sale which would suit you?

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