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Holiday Home For Sale: Pemberton Avon 2010

Newly available at Moss Wood Caravan Park, the Pemberton Avon 2010 is a bright and open holiday home. Well lit from windows extending around the living area, the wraparound sofa provides space and comfort for all the family – along with any friends you may be hosting in your new country retreat! The kitchen is perfectly designed to allow the family chef space to do their magic whilst allowing them to stay involved with the current conversation with just a partial partition from the lounge.

From end to end, the Pemberton Avon has an understated elegance that you will want to show off to friends and family. If you are looking for your own personal haven in the Lancashire countryside, then this is the holiday home you are looking for! We highly recommend viewing this caravan to appreciate the unique features it has to offer and to see if Moss Wood is the right park for you. Get in touch today to arrange a visit.

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