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Holiday Home For Sale: Pemberton Avon 2017

The Pemberton Avon 2017 is a wonderful holiday home built to British Standard Residential Specifications – meaning that it is certified to be well enough insulated to be comfortable year round. This also means it will cut down on your running costs as you’ll need to pay less to keep it well heated!

The holiday home is built to a high standard with a large relaxing wraparound sofa in the living room and contemporary fixtures and fittings throughout. The windows around the whole living area give it a bright and airy feel that make it the perfect place to escape from the day to day!

We have set out the Pemberton Avon 2017 on one of our new premium pitches giving it plenty of space. Located conveniently close to the launderette and one of our children’s play areas, and about midway between the Moss Wood shop and the fishing lakes.

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