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Bee Survey 2016 Report

29th March 2017

Bumblebee Survey

Big Bumblebee at Moss WoodEvery month from March to October, at Moss Wood we complete a ‘Bee Walk’ where we collect information on the number and species of bees along a set route around the park. This data is then passed on to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust who collect the same data from sites all across the UK. From this information, the Bumblebee Conservation Trust can get a fairly accurate picture of which bumblebees might be struggling and in need of help or protection.

So why is this so important? Bumblebees are pollinators, which makes them especially important to the environment. This is because plants need lots of pollinators to be as healthy as possible – and plants form the basis of the ecosystem. Healthy plants mean we will have more birds and animals, which gives us a healthy environment. Plus, plants remove Carbon Dioxide – a greenhouse gas – from the air, and replace it with the Oxygen that we breathe!

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust has completed their report from all these Bee Walks from 2016 and this is now available to read here. The Bumblebee Conservation Trust are also running events throughout the year to introduce people to their work and giving people a chance to explore the world of our native bumblebees – such as this free event on 25th July in Wales.

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