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Lancaster Castle - Past & Future

10th July 2017

English Heritage Cities - Lancaster Castle

Have you visited Lancaster Castle before? If not then you should definitely add it to your places to see during your stay at Moss Wood Caravan Park. It’s the historic seat of Royal power in the North of England, filled with history from its ancient past as a Roman fort to being a powerful bastion against Scottish invasion to its time as the longest continually occupied prison in Europe before closing in 2011. If you have then you should go back! Here’s why…

The Future – in the Present – introducing the Past!

Lancaster has joined a group of historic cities across England called the English Heritage Cities. One of the projects of the group has been to introduce futuristic Augmented Reality to their biggest attractions – and in Lancaster this means a great new addition to the Castle museum.

So what is Augmented Reality? Well – it’s where you see the world around you as it is, but with digitally added additions like floating signs above objects explaining what they are or a virtual tour guide pointing out items of interest. Think of it a bit like a more practical and educational kind of Pokemon Go!

The best thing is how easy it is to access – just download the app and follow the instructions. It’s completely free and you’ll be able to take your phone or tablet along with you to Lancaster Castle to enjoy the benefits.

You can download the app and watch the excellent video introduction to Lancaster Castle by clicking here.

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