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Lancashire Coastal Way - Walk around the Lancashire Coastline

137 miles of beautiful coastline, from the Ribble estuary to Cumbria

The Lancashire Coastal Way winds along for 137 miles starting alongside the Ribble Estuary near the city of Preston in the centre of the the county. The footpath then follows the Fylde coast around Blackpool and Fleetwood before coming past Moss Wood Caravan Park heading up the coastline around Cockerham Sands towards Lancaster and Morecambe Bay. From there the path heads up the coastline to its northern terminus at the border with Cumbria and the Lake District.

Sitting at the Centre of Lancashire Coastal Way

The Lancashire Coastal Way passes just one mile away from Moss Wood Caravan Park at its closest point, approximately half way along its route around the Lancashire coastline. This makes Moss Wood an ideal point to start exploring this national footpath, where you can head both north and south along the route. Perhaps you might like to book a stay with us here to explore different sections of the coastal way on each day of your stay, using Moss Wood as your base.

The picture here shows the Lancashire Coastal Way looking from Knott End towards Cockerham and Moss Wood Caravan Park.

lancashire coastal way

Bird Watching and History

The Lancashire Coastal Way takes in three major estuaries on its route around the coast of Lancashire. The Ribble, Lune and Wyre estuaries are all of major scientific interest due to their importance to wildlife. They are vital to birds in particular and a whole range of species can be spotted along the footpath, especially around the estuary areas.

In addition to the natural life, you will also see traces of human civilisation stretching back hundreds of years. People have been leaving their mark on the Lancashire coastline for a very long time and it makes for a fascinating walk for anyone interested in history.

For anyone really keen, once you reach the end of the Lancashire Coastal Way in Silverdale, you can continue north exploring the Cumbria Coastal Way.

Lancashire Coastal Way Lancaster Moss Wood Caravan Park(c) Picture by Rude Health, licensed under CC2.0

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