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Fish you can catch at Moss Wood Caravan Park

15th July 2016

Fish you can catch at Moss Wood

If you’re looking for the best fishing in Lancashire, or are keen to spend your next holiday at a caravan park with a fishing lake on-site, Moss Wood Caravan Park in Cockerham is the perfect destination. Whether you are an experienced angler or just starting out, we have something for everyone, as well as excellent facilities for visitors and touring caravans.

Fishing Holidays in Lancashire

Here we outline some of the fish stocked in our own on-site lake, to provide you with some inspiration and insight into the type of tackle to bring with you.


For those who like a challenge, our lake is well-stocked with the “queen of the rivers” herself – the mighty carp! Containing both common carp and crucian carp, our largest specimens have been established in the lake for many years now. Many of our touring guests return year after year to experience some of the best carp fishing in Lancashire.


The deep, slow-moving waters of the floor of our lake provide the perfect environment for tench, including some specimens weighing well over 1kg – for those that like to play the long game and have plenty of strength in their arms!


Roach of all sizes from large to small can be found throughout the lake, ensuring that even the novice or younger fisherman stands a good chance of winning a catch. However, the elusive larger specimens tend to be rather more challenging.


Shoaling bream thrive within the lower levels of our lake, making this one a firm favourite with anglers who wish to catch a large haul over the course of a day or so.


If you want to perfect your perch technique or are going for overall weight in a friendly competition, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you prefer to use a lure or a float, finding a perch on the end of your line and fighting to bring it in will certainly wake you up.


Finally, if you’re looking for year-round sports fishing, the lake is well stocked with shoaling rudd, and if you can tempt one of our savvier, larger specimens on to your line, you’ll almost certainly win the day’s bragging rights.

If you’re planning on staying at our caravan park over the summer, make sure to pack your fishing gear! For more information about using Moss Wood’s coarse fishing lake, or for any other enquiries, get in touch with us using our contact page.

Fish you can catch at Moss Wood  Carp Fishing in lancashire

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