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Wildlife Watch - Go Bat Crazy this summer!

10th August 2016

Bat on Bat Walk at Moss Wood Caravan Park in Lancashire

Bat WalkHave you seen bats during a stay at Moss Wood Caravan Park before?

There are four species of bat common to the UK.
Pipistrelles are the easiest to spot – they typically come out around sunset and fly erratically around buildings and lights.

Brown long-eared bats are difficult to spot as they fly very close to trees. They fly quite slow, hovering a lot, a bit like a big butterfly.

Noctules are one of the biggest bats in Britain. They can be seen flying in a straight line quite high up, with distinctive narrow wings.

Finally, watch out for Daubenton’s bats if you’re fishing at night. They fly very low over water, often skimming the surface like a mini hovercraft. You can sometimes see them reach out to grab an insect from the water with their feet.

Bat Watching in Lancashire

We have invited an expert to Moss Wood Caravan Park in Lancashire to give a guided Bat Walk on Monday 12th September (7.00 – 8.30pm) Please let us know if you’re interested in coming by giving us a call or an email. You can also let us know at reception.

Photo By Barracuda1983 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

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