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Looking after hedgehogs

1st September 2016

Feeding Hedgehogs at Moss Wood Caravan Park in Cockerham

Feeding Hedgehogs at Moss Wood Caravan Park

Hedgehogs are often spotted at Moss Wood Caravan Park in Lancashire. Our idyllic rural location surrounded by farmland, countryside and forest makes us the perfect environment for these prickly creatures to thrive. Many visitors to our park have been lucky enough to spot hedgehogs foraging during a stay at our Lancaster park. Whether that’s during a stroll along our woodland walk, outside the caravan or on a late night dash back from our toilet block!

What should I feed hedgehogs?

Food and fresh water laid out between February and October will encourage visiting hedgehogs to return regularly, if you and your family would like a closer glimpse. There are a variety of hedgehog safe foods that you can leave outside your touring caravan or holiday home.You could try leaving out food such as minced meat, fresh liver, tinned dog food (not fish-based), or even scrambled eggs.

Remember to check and replace the food and water daily and dispose of anything that has not been eaten. Food left out all day can encourage flies and start to smell, which may be unpleasant for other park guests.

Hedgehogs like milk but it can give them an upset stomach and make them poorly. So it’s best to give hedgehogs plain, fresh water each night in a shallow bowl. They should never be given cows milk.











If you’re fortunate to spot a hedgehog or any other wildlife during your caravan holiday at Moss Wood Caravan Park, we’d love to hear about your experience. We’re continually creating and investing in park improvements to ensure wildlife can live happily alongside guests at our award-winning park. You can share your photos with us on social media so we can show our other guests. It’s always lovely to see and learn more about the various species of wildlife that calls Moss Wood home!

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