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Bat Walk Success!

21st September 2016

Moss Wood Caravan Park at night Bat Walk
Event Date: Monday 12th September 2016

Bat walk success at Moss Wood

Bat Walk Intro Talk








A huge “Thank You!” to everyone who came along to our Bat Walk on Monday 12th September. We were delighted so many of our holiday home owners and touring caravan guests were able to make. Due to the popularity of this event we are already looking at what nature themed activity evenings we can host in the future. It’s so wonderful to see that our guests are as interested as we are in the wildlife that calls Moss Wood Caravan Park home.

Expert bat guides

To start with, our guides for the evening (David and David!) gave us a crash course in bats. They explained the different types of bats we were likely to come across during our walk. They also gave advice on how we could identify them with the hand held radios we were given.

Before heading out into Moss Woods grounds in the growing dusk, we were introduced to a couple of bats that had been rescued. Unfortunately, they were unsuitable for releasing back into the wild due to injuries they had sustained, but they were being very well looked after during their rehabilitation. Some of our younger guests were fortunate to have the opportunity to hold these bats very carefully. As you can see by the smiles on their faces, this was a very interesting and enjoyable experience!

Baby Bat at Moss Wood Caravan ParkOnce we were out in the wild, we trekked up the Woodland Walk before starting to find our first bats near the stables. After a tour of the pond, we finished at the park’s entrance where several bats were flying around – it drove the radios crazy!

Moss Wood at night Bat WalkWe very much hope we’re able to hold more of these events in the future. We’re dedicated to conservation, sustainability and educating holiday park guests on the different types of wildlife at Moss Wood Caravan Park.

Moss Wood

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