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Bumblebee Survey at Moss Wood

10th October 2016

Henry Wild from Moss Woods encouraging bees

Bee in Flight at Moss Wood Caravan Park Later this week we will be carrying out the final bumblebee survey of the year! The winter months are too cold for bees, so we won’t be resuming again until March. However, if you wanted to get involved – either this week or in the new year – stop by reception, give us a call or email and we will try to survey at a time you can join us!

What is a Bumblebee Survey?

Bumblebees are an important part of the ecosystem around Moss Wood – and everywhere! They are pollinators, which means that they help plants thrive. And if plants thrive, animals will thrive! The Bumblebee Survey counts the number of bees and different types of bees along a set route every month. We then send this information to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust who get many other surveys from other parts of the UK and they can see what bumblebees could be in trouble and where. Our survey is part of a national attempt to save our bumblebees which are a very important part of our environment!

Big Bumblebee at Moss Wood Caravan Park

Why is the Bumblebee Survey important?

We’ve seen how important bumblebees are to the environment. But many of them are in danger. This puts a lot of our wildlife in danger too. Over the last 80 years, the number of bumblebees has fallen dramatically and two species have become extinct altogether in the UK. Many other species are endangered today and need our help. By reporting on how many different bees we see, we can help the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to find a way to save the bees. If you want to help out we would love to let you join in!

Henry Wild from Moss Woods encouraging bees

Henry in one of our new wildflower wildernesses, planted to encourage pollinators like bumblebees.

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