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Help the Bees at Home

14th April 2017


Help the BeesHere at Moss Wood we like to help our buzzing little friends, the bees! We plant wildflowers and other plants which provide food for them over as much of the year as possible. And every month from March to October we do a ‘Bee Walk’ to record the bees we have on site and report these back to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to help them protect bees all across the country.

But did you know that you could help the bees too?

By making a few small changes in your garden, you could make it much more bee-friendly. This would mean that more bees would be able to survive thanks to you! Gardens across the UK, just like yours, make up an area seven times larger than the Isle of Wight. Just imagine if you and a few of your friends all made their gardens a little more bee-friendly. And the more bees there are, the healthier our environment will bee!

To find out what changes you could make to make your garden better for bees, have a look at this simple guide.

For more information, watch this video from Wildlife Watch!

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