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Bug Hotel Opens!

12th May 2017

Ladybird on nettles at Moss Wood Caravan Park

Bug hotel - artificial insect habitatMoss Wood has just unveiled a brand new artificial habitat for bugs. But don’t worry – these are friendly creepy crawlies which help our natural environment thrive around the park (and it’s at the other end of the recreational field from the nearest caravan!).

All of the natural beauty you see around us here at Moss Wood relies on the whole eco-system working well together and being kept healthy. That includes everything from trees to flowers, and from birds to bugs! The bugs which will call this hotel home will work wonders for our natural environment. They will help pollinate the plants around the park, fertilise the soil, and many may eventually end up feeding larger animals.

The ‘hotel’ is made from a number of recycled and left over materials, loosely mortared together. There are plenty of little holes, nooks and crannies for a wide variety of bugs to crawl into and take refuge. And all in the name of keeping Moss Wood the thriving natural environment we all know and love!

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