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How to Bee Friendly

12th June 2017

Pollinator in flower

You probably already know that here at Moss Wood we go out of our way to help our buzzing little friends, the bees (and other pollinators). The better these critters are doing, the healthier our park is – and the more wildlife we see around, which we love as much as our guests! We have some ‘bee hotels’ on site already, but here’s how you can make a simple version for your own garden at home. Or if you’d rather, you can bring it to Moss Wood and we will use it somewhere to help the bees here instead.

Here’s what you do:

First – cut some normal garden bamboo canes into lengths. You can buy this cheap from any garden shop.

Second – fill a pipe (any diameter, ideally between 7cm and 15cm) with the cut bamboo canes.

Finally – hang the whole ‘hotel’ horizontally in a sheltered spot and keep an eye out as your guests start to arrive over the coming days and weeks!

Bee Hotel

To build a more complex ‘Bee Hotel’ you can look at the RSPB website here where it gives full instructions. This also forms part of the RSPB Wild Challenge! Don’t forget that anyone taking part in the Wild Challenge at Moss Wood could win our very own Wild Trophy…so why not get involved!

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