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Brand New Arrival at Moss Wood!

4th July 2017

ABI Blenheim 2017 en route to Moss Wood

Yesterday, the brand new 2017 ABI Blenheim arrived at Moss Wood Caravan Park fresh from the factory floor. It was a beautiful sunny day for it so we thought we’d share the story of its arrival with you!

ABI Blenheim 2017 road from Garstang

The Moss Wood team went out to meet the transport team with the new caravan on the road out of Garstang. We then led them back down the road to Moss Wood acting as their escort – a necessity when bring in such a wide load down the nearby country lanes!

ABI Blenheim 2017 road to Moss Wood

After the short trip from outside Garstang, the new 2017 ABI Blenheim arrives at Moss Wood – it’s new home.

ABI Blenheim 2017 arriving at Moss Wood

The new caravan is carefully reversed onto the park, down the hill and past the reception and shop (with the flowers hanging out at the front!). It’s a delicate procedure, but these are experts handling the caravan – so there are no problems.

ABI Blenheim 2017 pulling up at Moss Wood

The transport pulls up with the 2017 ABI Blenheim on and prepares to unload the precious cargo onto the park.

ABI Blenheim 2017 unloading at Moss Wood

The 2017 ABI Blenheim is slowly and gently reversed down the ramp from the transport. Once it is down, the brand new caravan is in the care of Moss Wood!

This wonderful new 36x12ft caravan will have a lucky new owner here at Moss Wood soon (could it be you?!) – but first it will be expertly set up by professionals from the supplier. Keep an eye out for this appearing on our static caravans for sale page shortly. In the meantime, you can have a virtual tour thanks to the manufacturers – see below!

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