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Star Tours!

16th March 2018

Star Tours at Moss Wood
Event Date: Saturday 24th March 2018

An expert astronomer will be giving us a guided tour of the night sky from the recreation field at Moss Wood. Do you know your Orion from your Omicron Persei 8? Join us to find out all this and much more!

A popular event from 2017 returning for 2018 thanks to demand from our loyal customers! We are really looking forward to welcoming astronomer Mike back to Moss Wood for another breathtaking look at the heavens.

One of the advantages of our rural location is the lack of light pollution here at Moss Wood. Not only do our nocturnal creatures love it, but it means that you can get a look at the stars unlike any you will see around cities such as Manchester or Liverpool. You can find other great places to view the stars with Dark Sky Discovery Sites – there are several near Moss Wood!

P.S. The rain or clouds won’t stop us on the night – there is a fantastic projector program we will use indoors instead if the weather tries to stop us…

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