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18th October 2018

Carnaby Helmsley Lodge 2019 North West Caravans for sale

When you think of Moss Wood, you probably think of many things. You might associate us with peace and quiet, with wildlife and sustainable tourism, with family and friends, or as one of the most beautiful parks in the country. Well – those are certainly what we are better known for!

What you may not know about is our innovation and use of the most cutting edge technologies. Take a look at this magnificent 360 degree virtual tour of the 2019 Carnaby Helmsley Lodge:

Doesn’t that look fantastic? And that is the actual Helmsley Lodge on the park at Moss Wood! We love how you can look around every little detail of the 2019 holiday home almost as if you were there in person. It’s a great way of letting you take your first tour of some of our best static caravans for sale.

Would you like to see some more? Take a look around the brand new Pemberton Lancaster here:

It looks fabulous! One of the great things about these 360 degrees virtual tours is that where the holiday home is already sited – like the Pemberton Lancaster above and the Willerby Skye – you can really get a feel for how the static caravan feels on the park.

But as amazing as it is – it actually gets even better! Once upon a time, virtual reality was the domain of science fiction. We remember seeing early versions of it on Tomorrow’s World, a far cry away from being something we can use everyday. But believe it or not – you can actually step inside the holiday home in virtual reality with just your smart phone and some cardboard! Find out more about how to do this with Google Cardboard. Take a look at the brand new Willerby Skye here:

You might be wondering how they manage to make such a great 3D model of the static caravans. The answer is a very clever bit of kit! A camera sits on a tripod and rotates a full circle taking pictures as it goes. It also uses lasers to digitally map out its surroundings in 3D. The software is then able to put everything together to produce a wonderfully realistic replication of the holiday homes!

Of course, nothing compares to taking the time to come down to Moss Wood and taking a look around yourself. Nothing is able to truly replicate the real feel of being out in the peace and quiet of the countryside and seeing these amazing static caravan holiday homes yourself.

But since you’re here – take one last look! This time around the brand new ABI St David at Moss Wood:

Moss Wood

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