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Hedges and Wildflowers

23rd July 2019

Wildflower Bee June 2019

Healthy HedgerowYou may have noticed the wildflowers growing around Moss Wood – either in the wildflower meadows we set aside or along the bottoms of hedgerows. The latter is the result of our hedging policy blossoming, quite literally! We only cut back the native hedges every two to three years as this allows them to grow and bloom best. It also means that the plants around them can thrive too.

It isn’t all about the flora – the fauna benefits too. We regularly monitor bees around the park, and along the stretch pictured, we used to have none and now we spot many each month!

The improved hedgerows also offer better habitats for other native species such as yellowhammers. All in all, the changes seem to suit the wildlife – let us know what species you spot. (Bonus points for pictures!)

Moss Wood

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