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2nd March 2020

Miles & V - Moss Wood Caravan Park Wardens

Virginia – or just ‘V’ – is one half of Moss Wood’s new warden team along with Miles, who are joining seasonal wardens Sue and Dave, along with the rest of the team. We thought it would be great to share this unique inside view into the comings and goings of the award-winning Moss Wood Caravan Park…

2nd March 3:06 am


Hello again #Mossers!

We opened for the season yesterday.   I’m not normally awake at this time in the morning, but I woke up about an hour ago, having gone to bed early and I can’t get back to sleep.    My head is buzzing!

Thank you all for the kind comments on how much you enjoyed reading my Vlog.     I’m now thinking bigger – V’s Vlog goes Viral and I can retire at 92 if all goes well 😉.

It was an absolute pleasure to meet so many of you on the first day of the season.  I was in a particularly good mood anyway (it wasn’t raining, there was even some sun), but wow! what an effervescent day it turned into as soon as everyone started to arrive and pop in and say hello.

Some faces I’d met before over the closed season, but many new peeps, all of you so smiley and friendly and obviously delighted to be back here in this special little haven.  It was great to see and to welcome our new Mossers to the park in MW 26, MW 116 and MW 167.

Miles met Myles,  I met Gina, who turned out to be a Virginia too, shortened to Gina rather than V, so that’s our holidays covered on the Rota, Myles and Gina can step in (yet to run this past them and Henry)!


One of the loudest and consistent concerns we heard yesterday was about the speeding.   Apparently, some drive slowly past Reception and when out of sight reportedly reach speeds of over 100 mph.   I’m taking this with a pinch of salt, as Miles is an ex stock car driver, and he only managed 70 mph in Mrs Henry’s BMW M sport on Saturday after he’d changed the battery.   But that was on Saturday when we were CLOSED and there were no peeps about, never mind little peeps.

I’ve met some of the children now, and they were extremely pleasant interesting young people and I genuinely enjoyed chatting with them.   I’d be more than upset if one of them got hurt.   The only acceptable accidents on Moss Wood should be falling out of trees, scratches from brambles whilst bug hunting, and scuffing knees whilst riding bikes, not being hit by cars.    It was mentioned that common offenders were thought to be friends and family visiting, so your help in passing on the message would be appreciated.  (I’ve just read this back to myself and I sound like my mum, but it’s staying in!)


For our part, we have decided that installing speed bumps would spoil the success rate of so many of your children/grandchildren carrying on the tradition of learning to ride their bikes here (and the moving of static caravans around the park would be even more challenging!)

Human Speedbump

I’ve come up with a solution though, we will be installing movable, temporary Sleeping Policeman at various points along the park at busy periods such as Easter.     Miles, and seasonal warden, Dave, will be lying on the road at undisclosed points in order to slow the traffic down.  Volunteers over 18 also considered for busier periods (must be sober and be approved before lying in the road).


Ta Dah!  No plastic and  eco friendly traffic control.  Perfect!  that’s another viable solution provided by V  (I can sense a pay rise coming soon!)


If this doesn’t work, perhaps Stingers like the police use?   Planning application is currently in for Wild & Walker Tyres Ltd, Crimbles Lane, Cockerham!

Seriously though, Miles and I are delighted to be here, sharing your happy place and we will do absolutely anything we possibly can to make it as enjoyable as we can for you.   We are here for you and to help you and are so happy to be part of the team.


Happy Mossing


V 😊

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Please note that the above article is a light-hearted look at life at Moss Wood and should not be taken too literally!

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