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27th March 2020

Virginia – or just ‘V’ – is one half of Moss Wood’s new warden team along with Miles, who are joining seasonal wardens Sue and Dave, along with the rest of the team. We thought it would be great to share this unique inside view into the comings and goings of the award-winning Moss Wood Caravan Park…

March 27th 2020

Hello my fellow Mossers

Well, how things change.

Corona Virus has changed everything and turned our world upside down.  My top concern is that everyone of the Moss Wood family is well, remains well, and that your associated family and friends endure these unprecedented times until the world gets back to normal.  Who’d have thought it would have come to this when the news first broke from China?

As we live at Moss Wood and pay council tax we have not had to leave, unlike Dave & Sue the seasonal wardens and those at our sister site in the Lake District.    I know you probably don’t want to hear this, but it’s been a beautiful week at Moss Wood.  Even the woodpecker was out on the tree in front of Reception yesterday, but I didn’t get to the camera quickly enough to get a photo.  On top of that I’m buzzing because my office accounts for last week and this week have balanced with everything in the correct boxes – which had been causing not only me but Rebecca the Head of Finance a serious headache since the first of March!   Every cloud has a silver lining!

I brought 2 hens with me when I came from Yorkshire, I have just retrieved their first egg.  It’s blue.Blue Egg

They are called Ramona (she’s completely black) and Elkie (she has a red beak and red comb) and they live in our back garden.  They are about a month early for laying, so I am delighted.    Miles had one black hen and a white cockerel at the farm – they were completely free range and we could never find her eggs.  One day she disappeared, and we suspected she was sitting.   Sure enough, she appeared on 1st September last year with 9 black chicks.  I was besotted!   Sadly, one night the fox got her and 7 of her chicks.   So, my little Ramona and Elkie had to come in the back of the trailer over the Pennines with me.   Ramona is named after The Ramones as Baby I love you is one of mine and Miles ‘special songs’ and I used to blast out a  (great?) rendition of Elkie Brookes – Pearl’s a Singer after a few white wines when I had the pub – hence Elkie.

My musical talents don’t end there.  Yesterday I spent a good half hour keeping Henry’s children Will and Sam ‘quiet’, whilst their Dad tried to work, by playing drums on an upside down recycle box and 2 newly delivered upturned Walls ice cream bins.   Whilst I was very comfortable with the 3 of us beating out ‘The Grand old Duke of York’ you should have seen the look of absolute awe on Will’s face when I knew the words to American Rapper, Little Nars X – Old Town Road!   Life lesson there and then for 5-year-old Will – Never judge a book by its cover, so you can be down with the kids and in the know! The photo at the top is the rapper Little Nars himself!

Miles & I are loving being honorary members of the Wild family as we experience isolation with them.  I’ve even been helping Will with his reading, but Sam (3) politely informed me “I was too big to ride Melody” his pony but I was a nice lady!

It may be the last blog I address you as ‘My Fellow Mossers’.    I returned from a day off after my last blog to be told by Seasonal Warden Sue, that it had been brought to light that the American Urban Dictionary has alternative meanings for the word Mossers, and the third one sounds jolly unpleasant!    So, we will be doing a Facebook Poll next week, please be sure and vote as I had all sorts of connotations in mind for Mossers, I was going to have Mosser Offers, top Mosser Tips, Mosser Prizes, and Mossers Mossing photos etc.  Alas, if urban dictionary meaning number 3 means that the green gunge excretion facilitates I find another less offensive informal word to address us, then I shall get my thinking cap on and the Spirit of Garstang Gin out and find a new term of endearment for us.


Stay well, until we meet again, missing you all

V 😊

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