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28th April 2020

V with dirty hands

Virginia – or just ‘V’ – is one half of Moss Wood’s new warden team along with Miles, who are joining seasonal wardens Sue and Dave, along with the rest of the team. We thought it would be great to share this unique inside view into the comings and goings of the award-winning Moss Wood Caravan Park…

Hi my lovely fellow Mossers!

I am never ever wearing that yellow jumper again that starred in my video blog!  Did you see how it made me put 3 ½ stones on in only one year!  Guess who is on a massive diet now?!

My job role has changed somewhat with less office and shop work to take care of – I even got my hands dirty.  Something I try to avoid and leave for Chris and Miles who seem to enjoy that sort of grubby man stuff.    I’m checking my job description, but I think it’s covered under the section ‘and anything else the Company deems necessary’.

I got wise and started to supervise the Wild Boys into doing some of the dirty work for me!  You can see me below exhibiting my strong delegation and supervisory skills!  I can see a promotion coming my way soon!

I’ve been tending your plants around your caravans as best I can, but most of you will never know about the ones I’ve saved and nurtured back to life!  Like a true gardening angel! My sincere condolences to you for any I lost. Miles has now set me up with a watering station on the back of the utility buggy which works well.

I have had a personal tragedy – I’m down to one chicken.  I decided, against Miles’ advice, that they needed a little more ‘freedom’ and they dutifully returned to their coop for several nights.   One day the little devils decided our garden and banking wasn’t big enough for 2 bantams.   They ventured too far afield and got lost and started to bed down in a tall hedge for the night.  This resulted in a very disgruntled Miles going out in his slippers and lounging pants trying to herd them back in with a sweeping brush and me ‘helping’ in my pyjamas by making various clucking noises from the decking.  One in and one out, we called it a night. The next morning, the little clucker was making her way back down the touring field when she was met by Henry’s whippet.  Let’s just say, Elkie is no more and Ramona is no longer allowed out of her coop! You might say she’s cooped up – I think we can all sympathise at the moment! N

Lockdown is bringing lots of fun in the form of dieting and I have even started to partake in a little exercise.  I ran down the side of the recreational field yesterday.  Miles came hurtling out of the Lodge with a frying pan as he thought someone was chasing me.   I explained I thought I’d heard an ice cream van!

Seriously though, I have been out cycling around the park rather than using the buggy.  I’ve been whizzing round the one-way system the wrong way, just to spice things up a bit!  I fell off at the top of the hill near the barrier, much to Henry’s amusement who just happened to be watching out of the window.  By the time I saw Miles to show him my scuffed knee and hand so he could kiss it better, he somehow already knew all about it and his laughter got in the way of any sympathy I was expecting!

Alas I shall return to work and not let these little dramas upset me in my quest to be the smiley welcoming face of Moss Wood, even if it is Bette Middler style …… From a Distance.

Stay safe, stay well and one day, we’ll meet again or for the first time if I didn’t get to meet you before shutdown.

V 😊 x

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