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Choosing the Right Static Caravan For You - New vs Used

22nd April 2021

Pemberton Avon living and dining area

Purchasing your first static caravan is an incredibly exciting experience. But, with so much choice on the market, starting your search can be a daunting task.

To help you choose the model that rights for you, we’ve compared the pros and cons of purchasing new and used holiday homes. Buying a static caravan is a significant investment, so it’s important to take everything into consideration before making any financial commitments.

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New Static Caravans



New static caravans often come with a generous warranty as standard. Depending on the make, model and manufacturer, this can cover parts, labour and the chassis for a number of years post sale. Many prospective buyers like having this protection for added peace of mind. Knowing you can call upon the manufacturer to fix something that goes wrong can alleviate worries and the need for further expenditure. This is a major selling point for some potential owners.

Design Input

If you’re buying a caravan holiday home direct from the manufacturer you will have a greater say on the layout and design. Many of the leading caravan manufacturers will work with you to implement small design changes or configure the interior in the way that is best suited to your needs.

Bespoke holiday homes are especially beneficial for buyers who require adaptions for accessibility reasons. Buying a new caravan also means you can choose the highest spec options or request additional extras, which may be costly to retrofit.

Having input during the design stage will mean you can create a holiday home that meets the needs of your family. You’ll be able to craft your dream static caravan that you’ll be excited to visit throughout the year.

High Quality Design and Engineering

Buying new will ensure your static caravan is built using the most up to date construction methods and highest quality materials. This means you’re less likely to have to spend money on costly repairs or modifications to bring it up to date. If you like the finer things in life, the luxurious interior will have modern appliances and amenities. It may also contain the latest technology and improved eco credentials, such as solar panels and state of the art glazing and insulation.



It goes without saying, brand new caravan holiday homes are more costly than pre-owned models. This means the initial outlay will be greater and you’ll need to spend more money up front. Decide your budget before setting out and be careful not to spend beyond your means. Evaluate whether the additional features are worth the extra costs and decide whether they will have an impact on your experience on park.


Used Static Caravans


More cost effective

Used static caravans are less expensive than new holiday homes, which makes them more attainable for some families. Slightly older caravans will enable you to get more for your money and potentially purchase a larger or higher spec model that you wouldn’t be able to afford when buying brand new. At Moss Wood Caravan Park we only sell used statics that are in excellent condition. Some of our pre-loved caravans are in like new condition.

Buying a holiday home that’s a couple of years old means you won’t experience the depreciation that, like new cars, can happen within the first couple of years. With fewer outgoings you’ll have more money to spend on days out, whilst staying at your home away from home. 

Great for first time buyers

Pre-loved caravans are an excellent choice for families or couples that are buying a holiday home for the first time. Used static caravans are a more cost-effective option, which gives owners greater freedom to establish whether owning a holiday home is for them. Over time, owners can learn what features they do and do not require and upgrade to a more costly model in the future.

Entry to desirable parks

There are only a finite number of pitches available, meaning desirable parks, such as Moss Wood can be tricky to get on. Purchasing a used caravan in situ means you won’t have to wait for a pitch to become vacant, allowing you to make use of the beautiful grounds and facilities in no time at all. Due to the current situation, many manufacturers are experiencing significant delays and have increased lead times on new homes. Buying a used caravan means you won’t have to wait and can start holidaying quicker!

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You may have to compromise

When buying a pre-owned caravan holiday home, you may need to make some compromises. There are likely to be fewer options to choose from and the home will have been fitted to specifications of the previous owners. This means it might not feature your chosen layout, or decorated in your preferred style. We recommend drawing up a list of things you cannot live without to help you refine your search.

Once you’ve purchased your caravan it’s easy to put your own stamp on the property. Changing the soft furnishings and paint colour is an inexpensive way to make the caravan feel like home.

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Holiday Homes for Sale at Moss Wood Caravan Park

There are a variety of new and pre-owned caravan holiday homes for sale at Moss Wood Caravan Park. We sell static caravans at a variety of price points to ensure there is something to meet everyone’s needs. All of our holiday homes are of the highest quality with many in nearly new condition.

Our friendly and helpful staff are on hand to offer expert advice and answer any questions you may have. We’re more than willing to show you around our static caravans for sale to help establish exactly what you need and narrow down your search.

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