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Easter Adventure 2022

11th April 2022

2022 Moss Wood Easter Adventure
Event Date: Saturday 16th April 2022

Starting from Moss Wood Reception any time from 9.30am to 12.30pm onwards on Saturday 16th April, take a tour around some of the attractions and views near to Moss Wood that you may not have had the chance to visit before.

Use the map below to find the 13 stopping off points and answer the questions below. Answers can be written on the game sheet picked up from Moss Wood Reception and handed back in before 9.15am on Monday 18th April. Photos can be emailed to or sent via WhatsApp to 07458077823. Alternatively answers and photos can be uploaded via the form at the bottom of this page.


1. Sticking Point (5pts each)
1 – Take a team photo with some sticky characters!
2 – Which artist is associated with Knott End-on-Sea?
3 – Take a team photo with the ferry (or on the ferry to double your points at this location to up to 30pts!)

2. Look North (5pts each)
4 – Take a team photo with everyone pointing north!
5 – Who may access the Pilling foreshore?

3. River View (5pts each)
6 – Can you get a photo of wildlife on the river shore?
7 – What is the name of the bridge you can see?

4. Horrockses (5pts each)
8 – What is curious at Horrockses?
9 – Take a curious team photo!

5. Captain! (5pts each)
10 – When will the Manor Inn start serving food again?
11 – Don’t tell him, Pike!
12 – Take a team photo enjoying a drink!

6. Swinging (5pts each)
13 – Get a team photo on the swing bridge
14 – What is the name of the outdoor cafe by the swing bridge?
15 – What is in the middle of the flower bed next the the swing bridge?

7. Grize & Seek! (15pts)
16 – Mr Crimbles the hedgehog has been hiding! Can you find him and send us a photo?

8. Jubilant! (5pts each)
17 – Take a team photo on top of Jubilee Tower!
18 – How many steps are there to get to the top of the tower?
19 – What was discovered in the car park that is now at Lancaster City Museum?

9. Angels & Demons (5pts each)
20 – Why is there a memorial by the car park?
21 – Who is Miranda?
22 – Take a photo of Miranda (to double your points from this location!)

10. Heart of Britain (5pts each)
23 – What is special about the phone box at Dunsop Bridge?
24 – What did Dunsop Bridge win thirty years ago?
25 – Take a team photo at the geographical centre of the UK!

11. Wild Boar Park (5pts each)
(Paid entry) Book tickets in advance with your free Wild Card to enter with 10% off admission using code MWCP10 (show card on entry)
26 – How many meerkats live at the Wild Boar Park?
27 – What is the length of the corn snake in the Education Centre?
28 – Take a photo with some of the animals on the park!

12. Beacon Fell (5pts each)
29 – Take a team photo with a giant head!
29 – What is the name of the first sculpture on the sculpture trail around Beacon Fell park?
30 – Take a team photo with Blackpool Tower in the background (double your points at this location!) – You can see Blackpool Tower from the summit of Beacon Fell!

13. GB Antiques (5pts each)
(Paid entry) Buy one get one free admission with your free Wild Card
31 – How many different stalls are at the antiques centre?
32 – What is the logo used to represent the antiques on their leaflets and other advertising?
33 – Take a photo with the animal over the entrance!

Bonus Points!

34. Get the most scenic photo you can take for 5pts. Double points for the best entry!
35. Get the best photo of everyone in the team inside your car for 5pts. Double points for the best entry!
36. Get 3pts for a photo of a black sheep. 10pts for a photo of a blue sheep.
37. What is the emblem of the Forest of Bowland? Send us a photo of it! 5pts
38. Get the best team photo in the style of an album cover! 10pts – and double for the best entry!
39. Get the best team photo with as many of the following in it (1/3/6/10/15pt for 1/2/3/4/5 of the objects in the same photo):
– Red phone box
– Hills
– River
– Sea
– Old building

Don’t forget – if you can’t find the right answer you can still get some points by making us laugh!

Easter Adventure

  • Your pitch number at Moss Wood
  • The number of the question that you are answering here
  • You answer to the question number that you entered above. First answer per question number accepted only!
  • You can upload you photo here for the photo challenges

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