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Victory Leisure Homes

Environmental within the Workplace

At Moss Wood, we believe in working with companies who share our environmental ethos. Here is the environmental declaration from Victory Leisure Homes:

As a company Victory Leisure Homes aim to ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ wherever possible which is monitored and improved on a yearly basis.

The following activities are performed at Victory Leisure Homes to substantiate our commitment to environmental issues.


We are committed to reduce our energy efficiencies via various work stream and project activities.  Packaging is something we come across every day. We work with our suppliers to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill through increasing our resource efficiency.  This includes reducing the amount of packaging used, this can involve suppliers taking back packaging for reuse or providing ‘multi-trip’ packaging that they can send your goods in again and again. If this is not possible then our aim is to buy goods that are in recyclable packaging.

Paper is probably our biggest source of office waste so when possible, we will read documents via email and use different methods of printing by using both sides of paper or circulating one document for a group to read rather than issue each individual a copy.

Reducing our energy consumption through incorporating best practice and installation of energy efficient machinery where possible.

Solar panels and a wind turbine have been installed to reduce our energy consumption and show best practice. The wind turbine can generate up to 100KW of electricity with the solar panels generating a similar amount.


Before throwing packaging away, if we can use this for another use, i.e. boxes for storage or archiving we will do.

There are many opportunities to reuse ‘waste’ paper. If it has only been printed on one side, it is put aside and used if the other side for printing out draft copies of reports and other documents. Paper used on one side is also cut up and stapled together to make note-pads.


By reducing and reusing waste not only are we being ‘Environmentally Friendly’ but we aim month on month to reduce disposal costs.

We recycle all suitable waste materials as follows:

  1. – Cardboard
  2. – Plastic/Polythene
  3. – Cable/wire off cuts
  4. – Metal
  5. – Toner and Printer Cartridges
  6. – Paper

We also recycle timber which is placed in our wood burner and used to heat the factory.

Materials Used

All new materials are carefully sourced from Suppliers and discussions will take place in order to assess the environmental performance of the products used.

Most of our products are sourced from local companies to reduce transport emissions.

  • – Our unit insulation has been improved to 0.038W/(m.k) caravans and 0.032W/m.k for lodges.
  • – Appliances – all have a ‘A/A+ Rating’ making them all more energy efficient.
  • – Lighting – energy saving lamps are sourced and used.
  • – Heating – ‘A’ rating energy efficient boilers are installed. We have also sourced a boost thermostat which is designed to save energy (this does not increase the overall efficiency of the boiler enough to move up to an A+ rating as it is a Class 1 product).
  • – Windows – we have now sourced an improved thermally efficient glazing of 1.6Wm2k specification which meets or exceeds the demanding new standards of the BS3632 window and door thermal insulation levels. The class leading insulating glass units ensure that our holiday homes retain heat, maintain high levels of comfort and saves on energy spending.
  • The technology behind this is all glass units are constructed using 4mm of float glass, 20mm of warm edge spacer and 4mm of low emissivity (low-e) Thermaglass.  The gas between the hermetically sealed glass panes is Argon.  The combination of these elements ensures very low thermal loss from the holiday home.  Glass units of this construction type can provide up to three times more insulation than a standard double glazing unit.
  • The glazing frames are manufactured using uPVC which is long lasting and can be recycled.
  • Overall Benefits:
  • + Smaller energy bills
  • + Smaller carbon footprint
  • + More comfortable home – reducing heat loss means fewer cold spots
  • + Peace and quiet – energy efficient double glazing units insulate against external noise
  • + Reduced condensation
  • + Water saving devices are used in all of our on-site toilet facilities. We also use dual flush toilet cisterns in of of our holiday homes and lodges.
  • + MFC/MDF – Summerbridge our main door supplier is FSC certified and all wood based materials are purchased from C-O-C managed forests.
  • Environmentally Sustainable Victory Factory

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